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   New credit scoring model

The new FICO™ scoring model is due out November, 2015.

What You Need To Know:

The New Scoring Model Will Benefit Consumers With Medical Debt, As The New Scoring Model Excludes This From Score Formulation.

Also Collections That Have Been Paid In Full Will Also Be Excluded From Score Formulation.

Read More: New Credit Score Model.


Your Annual Credit Report

Your Credit Report could impact your ability to get a loan, insurance, or even a job. Get information on your Annual Credit Report. Annual Credit Report.


Your Consumer Rights When A Prospective Or Current Employer Runs Your Credit Report.

Although the information that employers receive is limited, it could impact your ability to get a job. Know what your consumer rights are. Employer Credit Checks.


When Paying For Credit Report Monitoring Might Make Consumer Sense.

Worried about identity theft?  Shop at a store in which the store's credit card data has been breached? Planning on making a big purchase? These are some of the reasons you may want to consider to pay to have your credit report monitored. Credit Report Monitoring.


Steps You Can Take To Prevent Identity Theft.

Identity theft can create havoc for consumers. Most of the time it is out of the consumers control, but there are steps you can take to help minimize identity theft. Steps to Take To Prevent Identity Theft.

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Consumer Finance Awareness:

Credit Reports:

Annual Credit Report.

Employer Credit Checks. Do You Know Your Rights?

Study Reveals That Many Credit Reports Contain Errors.

Steps In Preventing Identity Theft.

Why A Credit Report Monitoring Service
Might Make Consumer Sense.

New Credit Scoring Model Might

Benefit Some Consumers.

How Credit Scores Are Calculated.

How Credit Inquiries May Affect Credit Scores.

How Late Payments Affect Credit Scores.

Why Credit Reports Are Not Equal. There Are
Three Main Credit Bureaus.

Consumer Loans:

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Seven Factors That Will Determine Your 
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Student Loan Options.

Information On Student Grants 
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Pros And Cons Of Consolidating Student
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Consumer Information On Health Care Credit Cards.

Consumer Rights With Credit Card Companies.

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Debt Management 

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Consumer Tips On Keeping Medical Debt 
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