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 How Interest Rate Increases Affect Borrowers And Savers.

Keep in mind that interest rates are still extremely low, and a quarter-point raise is very small. The rates have never been this low this long in the Fed's history -- in the decade before the 2008 crash, rates ranged from approximately 2% to 6%. Most consumers are unlikely to notice any major changes, at least not until the Fed has raised rates even further. 

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How Interest Rate HiKes Affect Consumers.
Social Security Cuts
IRS Offer In Compromise

 Detailed Report On IRS Tax Settlement Program, Offer In Compromise.

Unlike tax deduction, which reduces your taxable income, Tax Credits could directly put money in filers pockets at tax time.   

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 GOP Proposal To Cut Social Security Benefits.

Rep. Sam Johnson (R-TX), chair of the Social Security Subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee, introduced HR 6489 on December 8th. Johnson's plan changes the formula that Social Security uses to calculate benefits. This would lead to slightly higher payouts to recipients at the lowest end of the scale, but Social Security pay would be lowered to middle- and upper-class recipients.​.   

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Deaprtment Of Labor Issues New Overtime Rules.

Department Of Labor Issues New Overtime Rules.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Overtime pay for approximately 4 million workers will be protected in the first year under the new regulations. The new regulations are primarily aimed at white collar workers. The main focus is redefining what income levels make executive, administrative and professional workers exempt from overtime.

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Tax Tips For People That Missed Filing Deadline.
Government In Transition

Tax Tips For Those That Missed The Filing Deadline.

If you owe taxes, then you should file and pay your taxes as soon as you can. You can use Internal Revenue Service Direct Pay to pay the balance using your savings or checking account. You will not be charged a fee for filing your return late if you are owed money. The sooner you file your return, the sooner you will be able to get your refund.

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American Health Care Act
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 GOP Health Care Replacement Plan.

The House GOP released their much anticipated new Health Care plan. Some of the provisions from the Affordable Care Act remain in the GOP proposal, such as the pre-existing condition. The GOP plan would replace subsidies with tax credits.

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 Government In Transition: A Look At Who's In And Who's Out.

The Whitehouse Cabinet Is Selected By The Preseident Of The United States. These are Appointed Positions That Require Senate Confirmation (With The Exception Of The Vice President).
A Look At Who's In And Who's Out In The Whitehouse Cabinet. 

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